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TVT Green Product Line Successfully Tested

July 14, 2011

Joseph LaStella, President of Green Star, stated: "Over the years, Green Star has expanded its TVT Green Lubrication Product Line to include every type of industry from oil well drilling fluids to military firearms applications. Our products have been tested by major corporations and governments, and have been verified as to their superior performance. It's about time that we now document some of these outstanding results completed by major, well known entities and their associated industries."

First is the fact that the American Automobile Association (AAA) Southern California Division tested Green Star's engine oil additive under the urban federal test procedure to evaluate fuel economy. The AAA statistical interpretation and conclusion recorded a significant 'increase' in fuel economy of 5.7% and no change in regulated emissions. The AAA report also stated that the report could only be used for the 'purposes of securing process or product approval from governmental authorities, fire marshals, or from accredited standardizing committees or organizations.' Essentially, the report could not be used for marketing purposes.

It should also be noted that a 5.7% reduction in fuel usage also directly relates to an equivalent reduction in CO2 (a non-regulated emission) which is a major climate change greenhouse gas. This 5.7% reduction in CO2 equates to a reduction of approximately 500 pounds of CO2 into our atmosphere per year per automobile for an average driving cycle.

Second were tests for TVT Green's Oil Well (down hole) Mud Drilling Lubricants -- both water soluble and non-water soluble. These tests were requested by one of the five major oil companies (name not disclosed due to confidentiality). The tests were conducted by a nationally respected research institute and by another well known and respected laboratory. TVT Green products were tested against three leading lubricants now used by major oil drilling companies for down hole lubricant applications. The data from this testing program indicated: the other three lubricants reduced friction to a maximum of 26%, however, one of the lubricants in the test series actually recorded an increase in friction on one of the tests. TVT Green products, both water soluble and non-water soluble, recorded extremely high values from 58% to 85% reduction in friction, and clearly outperformed the other products by a significant margin.

Third were the Russian Railroad tests. The Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railroad Transportation, an internationally acclaimed research facility, completed the testing. The study was initiated to determine the improved component wear and function characteristics of TVT when added to different lubricants used by the Russian railroad, and also studied these characteristics when used with different paired metals. The institute's report also contains observations concerning startling reductions in wear characteristics of certain metals. For example, the report states that TVT at 7% additive reduces wear of cast iron and alloy A020-1 by one order of magnitude (90%), does not influence the wear of nitride steel, and cuts the wear of bronze by more than 50%. Other tests indicate that as little as 3% TVT Green when added to lubricating oil significantly reduced the operating temperatures of the oil by 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fourth were the Certifications for the Chinese Government. There are 17 different certifications registered with the Chinese government on our TVT Green engine lubricant. The translation of one of those certificates is as follows:

Based on the regulation of 'The People's Republic of China Public Notarization Temporary Rule', the Notary, Wang Suomian and Notary, Zeng Qingyun both supervised the applier, related operator with the vehicle, Xiali Sedan (Note: three cylinder engine vehicle and originally import technology from Japan), Vehicle license No. C76035 and the whole testing event on February 23rd, 2002, and notarized the related evidence as following:

Morning 8:20AM, in A 15 West Road, North Third Cycle, Beijing, Driver, Yang Chun Sheng, opened the vehicle front hood, checked the engine oil level scale; it showed the oil level was above the normal level then added one 145ml bottle of TVT Green into the engine oil, the bottle with residual liquid had been sealed for the record on the spot.

Morning 9:00AM, the vehicle left the A15 West Road, North Third Cycle, Beijing and went to Beijing - Shenyang Highway entrant. The vehicle mileage meter inside the car showed 08153 when it left.

Morning 9:38AM, the vehicle had been driven to Beijing - Shenyang Highway Bai Lu Entrance Pay station. The driver took off the oil draining plug and gave the plug to the notaries and it was also sealed by the Notaries. The lubricant oil had been drained, oil sample had been sealed for the record and kept on the spot. The oil level scale had been checked and had showed no oil at all. Closing the vehicle front hood and put the seal on the hood for the record.

Morning 9:57AM, the vehicle left Bai Lu Entrance towards Shanhaiguan (Note: China Great Wall location) on Beijing - Shenyang Highway. The mileage meter showed 08169 inside the car when it left and the oil level indicator red light inside the car was on.

Afternoon 1:47PM, the vehicle arrived the highway Shanhaiguan Pay station, and the mileage meter inside car showed 08444. Checking the front hood seal, it was in good seal. Checking the oil plug seal, it was also in good seal. Opened the front hood, assembled the oil plug and filled the lubricant oil, checked the oil level scale that was above the normal level, the oil level indicator red lights was off.

Afternoon 2:20PM, the vehicle left Shanhaiguan Pay station and returned to A15 West Road, North Third Cycle, Beijing. The test finished.

The vehicle had been driven 275 kilometers (172 miles) with no oil in the engine certifying that TVT Green lubricant products successfully can protect an engine even without oil. There are 16 additional certifications with the Chinese government demonstrating the same TVT Green unmatched performance.

Furthermore, automobiles in China running on TVT Green engine treatment have clocked up several hundred million miles on auto engines without any failures.


TVT Green Reduces Fuel Consumption on Greek Maritime Ship

Athens, Greece & Los Angeles, California (Market Wire) January 27, 2010 - Today Green Star Products, Inc. (US OTC: GSPI.PK) announced that it has received the final report on a fuel savings test conducted on a Greek shipping vessel.

The tests were conducted using TVT Green Diesel Fuel Energizer (DFE) added to fuel tanks. Tests were performed on two Caterpillar Ship Engines Model 3412 (rated at 720 H.P. each) and also on two Caterpillar Generator Sets Model 3306 (rated 240 H.P. each). The test data indicates the shipping vessel reduced fuel consumption by an average of twelve percent (12%). The engines also showed decreased smoke emissions to a point where smoke was no longer visible. Also noted was a reduction of engine noise and increased power and performance. For further information on the TVT Green Product Line please see website:

Mr. Panos Doukakis, a well known international investor, arranged for the test and stated that based on these results he is now arranging for a much larger scope of tests on several more vessels. Mr. Doukakis further stated that the TVT Green product line could be a tremendous opportunity for the Shipping Industry to reduce their emissions, smoke and fuel consumption. By cutting down petroleum use, the Shipping Industry could also reduce its carbon footprint (its CO2 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions), which may qualify for international carbon credits that were approved at the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen attended by President Barack Obama. Mr. Doukakis concluded that this could represent billions in savings for the Maritime Industry. For further information on TVT Green products in Greece, please contact Mr. Panos Doukakis +30 69 39 24 42 24 or Mr. Jacques Balague 003 31 30 21 25 52 or email

Mr. Joseph LaStella, President of Green Star Products, stated, The success of the maritime test data represents a significant opportunity for our Company. Mr. LaStella further stated, We cannot expect these results on all different types of engines used for all different industries. In the past, we have had significant positive test results on many types of engines. However, we must clearly identify the fact that numerous test variables in conjunction with engine designs, different testing protocols (also called procedures, programs, etc.) used throughout the world and other parameters (including weather conditions) can vary results from test to test.

Just consider engine testing protocols: There are many different types of testing procedures and protocols used throughout the world. There are testing programs that evaluate the engines at set points (called modes) in a load testing cycle without accounting for acceleration periods encountered in normal engine operation. Tests may have 8-mode or as many as 13-mode evaluation points and even these tests have set points which can differ between test protocols used by the industry.

There are also other test protocols, which are called chassis-dyno tests, where the entire vehicle (not only the engine) is tested by running on a dyno with the vehicle driven by a person reacting to a computer screen which introduces significant variables due to different driver capabilities.

The enormous variety of testing protocols used throughout the world makes it almost impossible to compare results accurately from one nation to another or even from one set of standards to another.

Furthermore, the engines themselves have changed throughout the years. Injection systems have changed dramatically, increasing pressures from as low as 200 psi to as high as 30,000 psi in new engines, which add another level of complexity to testing variables. And also new engines that are run by computer can now introduce computer errors to the operating system of engines and vehicles.

TVT Green fuel additive and engine oil additive tend to reduce friction and wear on the engine while increasing the burning efficiency in the combustion chamber. TVT Green products, by reducing friction and improving efficiency, reduce operating parameters such as turbo-charge temperature, exhaust temperatures and pressures. However, in certain tests, the computer system interpreted the change in these parameters and adjusted engine operating parameters inaccurately.

In the past, under real field conditions, the majority of engines tested have responded very positively to the TVT Green Products. However, in view of some of the pitfalls outlined above, we suggest that each company test their engines with TVT Green Products to see benefits under real field conditions.

In conclusion, we are happy to announce that the Greek ship test was a complete success, and will go forward with further testing on larger vessels. TVT Green is in the process of testing its entire product line in several countries around the world. The testing includes cutting oils for machine shops, drilling compounds for oil well drilling, and many other applications. We expect our lubrication division to significantly increase its sales during 2010.

About Green Star Products, Inc.
Green Star Products, Inc. (US OTC: GSPI.PK) is an environmentally friendly public company dedicated to creating innovative cost-effective products to improve the quality of life and clean up the environment. GSPI and its Consortium are involved in the production of green sustainable goods including renewable resources like algae biodiesel and clean-burning biofuels, cellulosic ethanol and other green products, as well as lubricants, additives and devices that reduce emissions and improve fuel economy in vehicles, machinery and power plants. For more information visit, or call 1-800-741-7648 and 1-800-340-9784, fax 619-789-4743, or email

Forward-looking statements in the release are made pursuant to the "safe harbor" provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Investors are cautioned that such forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including without limitation, continued acceptance of the company's products, increased levels of competition, new products and technological changes, dependence on third-party suppliers, and other risks detailed from time to time in the company's periodic filings.

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