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Next Generation and New Standard

Major breakthrough in extended tool life, friction and heat reduction, cutting performance and surface finish.


Saves money, great ROI, reduces noise and is operator and environmentally friendly.


This cutting fluid is a game changer. The TVT Green product line differentiates itself from the competition because it is actually a lubricant additive that treats metals. MMA, Mono Molecular Adhesion technology penetrates metal surfaces and bonds electrostatically on a microscopic level to smooth out points of contact, drop friction by 80%+ and actually increase tool life by up to 1500%.


Decreased friction and heat are noticeable almost immediately. Within minutes a seasoned machinist will hear that the grinding and cutting sounds have been dramatically reduced and see that cuts are of a much finer quality with no burrs. Machines cut faster which also increases productivity and profitability.


Cost Savings - Longer Tool Life, Reduced Labor Costs, Less Downtime, Improved Throughput, Less Power Consumption, Less Evaporation of Cutting Fluid Due to Reduced Friction and Heat, Longer Life of Cutting Solution


Quality Improvements - Increased Speed and Smoother Feeds with Improved Surface Finish


User Friendly and Safe - Bacteria and Mold Resistant, Foaming Resistant, Easy Filterability, Noise Reduction


CNC and Conventional Machining TVT Green Water Soluble Cutting Additive Ratios:


Drilling, Tapping, Boring, Broaching, Reaming and Milling - 10:1


Turning, Sawing, Grinding and Stamping - 10:1 to 20:1


Water Soluble Machining Cutting Coolant from TVT Green has Another Excellent Health Benefit for Operators: Microbes Don’t Like It! Below is a Comparison After Only Five Days


TVT Green Water Soluble Machining Cutting Additive makes the worksite healthier. Most people who have worked around a machine shop that uses water based coolant will notice bad odors. This is because the water turns rancid, and even toxic in a short period of time. The water is contaminated with bacteria, which are detrimental to the people around it. For safety reasons this water should be changed frequently.


TVT Green has shown significant reduction in bacterial and fungal growth, allowing extended time periods between tank changes. It is also non-hazardous and non-toxic, safe for workers and environment.


CNC Machinist: "We know TVT Green works, we have been using it for years to machine titanium, stainless steel, heat treated steel and all other hard and soft metals for more efficient operation and higher quality production."


TVT Green Products are the “Next Generation and New Standard” in friction reduction technology. Manufacturing higher end finished products with reduced costs, means higher return on investment!



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